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Jerry Corrado

[Jerry’s passion for photography began 45 years ago when he acquired his first serious film camera. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Jerry continued to honed his craft, and with the advent of the digital age, he had a vision to establish a company that would provide all-encompassing photo and visual design services worldwide. This idea led to the formation of Motion Mogul, where Jerry and his team of skilled professionals offer a platform to bring together talented photographers and graphic artists who excel in their craft and business acumen.

Jerry is a self-taught photographer who pursued his dream of transforming his ardent hobby into a thriving business. Recognizing his passion for natural light portraiture, Jerry sold his other business interests to focus on creating a unique client experience–in studio and out! Motion Mogul’s services now extend beyond natural light portraiture, to encompass product photography, video, graphics, web design, and large-scale fine art landscapes. His team of talented professionals at Motion Mogul is continually expanding to ensure that no skill set is left unaccounted for.

Motion Mogul aims to set new standards in the industry by delivering artistically distinctive images that stand out from the crowd. Outside of the studio, the company also offers exciting and memorable photography trips that give creative amateurs an opportunity to learn new skills and capture the most beautiful locations worldwide.