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YES! We specialize in creating exciting native applications for Android and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. We provide full featured mobile app creation that is affordable and conveniently powered by your new custom created WordPress website. This is ideal for:

  • e-commerce shops
  • promotional campaigns
  • portfolios & galleries
  • advertising 

According to Forbes Magazine, you can gain up to 63% more customers by ensuring that your app/website loads fast and displays correctly on their mobile phones and tablets! These people want quick and easy access to your pages while using your app. The smoother their experience, the more likely they will buy something.

Websites who offer their content through an app have already seen their yearly sales increase by 180% and customer return rates by 300%. (Annual Report 2018)

Don’t miss out. We help you make it easier than ever for new customers to find you!

1. What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps are the next generation of mobile apps. (They are already being used by Twitter, Forbes, Washington Post, Alibaba, OLX, Shoppify, and hundreds of other major companies.)

PWA’s are an exciting new technology that was created by the engineers at Google and Apple to enable people like you to have their website converted into a powerful app.  Progressive Web Apps give you the freedom to offer your app to Android and iOS users directly from your home page! This means you will no longer need to submit your app to Google or Apple for lengthy (and costly) approval.  PWA’s are not added to the Google or Apple stores. Instead, they are hosted on your own website and can be easily installed by anyone visiting your pages. Since your customers can add your app to their home screen instantly, they are far more likely to install your app and keep coming back. Which means you are more likely to make a sale!

2. Can I make my app free for people to download and use?

Yes. Unless your app is designed to be used as a “product” in itself, or a subscription based service, we recommend keeping it free to download and use. (The majority of successful promotional, portfolio, and e-commerce apps are free.) This ensures that the largest number of people possible will be able to find you.

3. Can I  have paid advertising in my app?

Yes you can monetize your app. Depending upon your use for the app, you can typically include advertising/banners within it. When placed on the Google app store, Google has the final approval in this matter though.

4. How does my app interface with my website?

Your responsive website will power your app using a state-of-the-art conversion process. This can be done as either a native Android app or a progressive web app for Android and iOS. In the case of PWAs, both your website and app can each have unique content, yet will work as one. That is why it is absolutely necessary that your current or new website is made mobile compatible. Nearly any functionality that can be added to your regular website can also be reflected within your app; so if you can imagine it, then it’s likely we can create it for you!

5. Can I send push notifications to people who installed my app?

Yes, another powerful app-based feature is the ability to send push notifications directly to your users. Push notifications are currently available for Native Android Apps and are coming soon for PWAs (in an Apple update) for iOS too. Don’t wait for customers to contact you–reach out to them instead!

6. Do my customers/supporters have to download an update every time I add something new to my app/website?

Normally, no. We will design your app so that it has live updating capability. Feel free to refresh the look of your app, add news, or update content anytime you want. Whenever your site is updated, your app will be instantly updated too. The changes will be automatically seen the next time your user opens your app.

7. In what ways can a user of my app contact me?

Your users can contact you easily using any one of the following ways:

  • email
  • messenger
  • live chat (if installed)
  • text
  • telephone

8. Do you offer an “advanced app” option?

Absolutely! We customize your app to meet your exact requirements. Both basic and advanced apps can look visually similar. The advanced upgrade option is for when you require specialized features or a more advanced design. You can have as many features as your project requires, including the following:

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS (Android; iOS support will be added by Apple soon): Allows you to reach out to your users by sending them free and unlimited messages and news updates.
  • USER INTERACTION: Option to add a comment or chat system built into the app that allows your users to interact with your content.
  • ADVANCED SHARING: Gives your users a faster/easier way to share your app with friends.
  • OFFLINE VIEWING: Contains an intelligent caching system that allows your users to view (previously opened) pages in your app without needing to have a live Internet connection.
  • IMPROVED INTEGRATED SEO: An indexing API that will help improve your web ranking and give your website an extra boost.
  • MONETIZATION: Option for the built in capability to allow you to use an advertising network to monetize your app.

9. Do you guarantee that my app will be accepted by Google for placement into its app store?

As long as your app adds something of value Google will usually approve it for inclusion into their store. (So far ALL of our clients have had their native Android apps accepted by Google.) Please note however, we are not owned by, nor are we affiliated with Google. We have no control over their current policies or decision making.

If your app is refused for inclusion into the Google store, we will contact them personally and ask for a specific reason why it was refused. If it is something that can be changed with the design, we will do so immediately and resubmit your app. If Google still refuses to include it, we will issue you a refund for the cost of the Google submission fee.

Progressive Web Apps are hosted on your own website and DO NOT require approval by Google or Apple to share with your customers. PWAs give you full control of what you can add to your app and how you can display it.

10. Will you be available to help me in the future if I need something added/changed in my app, or require maintenance?

Of course! The success of your app/website is important to us, and we are here to help at any time. As you continue to grow, we are always available to assist you with additional updates, upgrades, and maintenance services. If you choose, we can even provide you with training on how to make basic updates yourself.

Most websites are either dynamic or static. If you just want a simple and attractive website to entice your potential online clients or followers, a static website may be ideal for you. If you require a website that performs several functions on your web pages, such as real-time data, advanced plug-in features, or sophisticated animations or games, then a dynamic website may suit your requirements better.

Whether you need a mind-blowing gallery to display your exciting portfolio, or a sophisticated business system where your users can log in as part of your Content Management System (CMS), our highly trained designers will make that a reality! From e-commerce websites (secure online shopping stores) to thrilling multimedia presentations, we will help guide your website to success by creating the best design for the job at hand.

A Responsive website is a site that is designed to look great on mobile devices, as well as provide a smooth user-experience. Over 63% of your visitors will access your web pages through their phones and tablets. If your app & website are not modernized, you could lose $1000’s in sales each week.

Our mobile designers at Motion Mogul have the expertise to overcome any technical and creative challenge. You will receive a state-of-the-art design for your business or promotional website that will help you to get seen, get heard, and get sales.

Yes. You will always be the owner of any “Custom Built” website and mobile app we create for you. Build It Yourself” websites are subject to an affordable monthly subscription, that allows general access to your website (so that you can customize it and add/remove content) for as long as the subscription is maintained. 

We are here to help make owning your new website & mobile app affordable and easy. If your website or app requires hosting we will also gladly provide that at a discounted cost. Our experienced customer support department is always on hand to act as your personal liaison and help you through any general questions you may have.

If you are knowledgeable or adventurous, you are free to log into your completed “Custom Built” website and manually make any changes you desire. However, if you would like to save yourself time and money, we are delighted to provide you with affordable maintenance and updating services even after your website and mobile app are finished.

As a business owner or creative professional, your website should be high-performance, value packed, and lead-generating. The Web Design Essentials Package that is included with all of our full website design services contains the following:

WordPress Setup

  • PHP compatibility, testing & configuration
  • WordPress installation, updating, & configuration
  • WordPress database creation & management
  • Custom child theme creation & installation
  • Theme plugin installation & configuration
  • 1 hour of WordPress consulting & training (after project is complete)

Server Setup

  • Initial server setup & configuration
  • Domain name (your website address) linking, parking & configuration
  • Up to 4 custom email addresses & email client setup assistance
  • SSL certificate (secure “https://”) installation & configuration

Advanced Features

  • SSL Website Security
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Anti-Hacker Security
  • Auto Backup Service
  • SEO General Enhancement
  • Google Analytics

Website Design

  • One basic logo
  • One custom contact form
  • Responsive core design (mobile friendly website)
  • WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3, customization (general alterations)
  • Static website
  • Existing content import
  • Website compatibility across most major browsers
  • Integration with existing social media pages
  • Website security suit installation & configuration

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Website submission to the top 3 search engines
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools registration & configuration
  • Basic keyword research
  • Basic page content optimization
  • SEO WordPress integration setup
  • Search-engine friendly page design

Post Design Services

  • Backup database & complete website files (1 off-site backup)
  • 1 month FREE general server maintenance (after project is complete)

Graphic Art & Photographic

For a free professional assessment and quote, simply Contact Us, describe your project and what type of service you are interested in, and press the “send” button. We will handle the rest! One of our experienced  representatives will contact you right away.

To make things easier for you, there are no complicated forms or questionnaires to fill out. For a free professional assessment and quote, simply Contact Us, describe your project and what type of service you are interested in, and press the “send” button. We will handle the rest! One of our experienced and courteous representatives will contact you right away.

When you upload a digital image, we will provide you with the completed/approved image in as high quality resolution as the original file allows. If you sent us your original images (slides or negatives), you will receive them back via carefully packaged, registered mail. Upon request, we will also send you a second version of your finished file, conveniently saved in web-friendly resolution, so that you may easily email it, or add it to your website. (Need help updating your website?)

For immediate service, we accept most major credit/debit cards worldwide through the world’s largest, secure payment processor, PayPal™. If you prefer not to use your credit card, you can pay us via a Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Bank Deposit. (Allow 7-14 days for payment clearance.) To obtain more information, please Contact Us.

Of course! We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we want you to be entirely happy with the results of your order. For complete details on our guarantee policy please read our Terms & Conditions.

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