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Motion Graphics

Eye-catching videos and animations are powerful ways to bring your content to life. No other medium can match their thought provoking quality.

The Chosky Studios team consists of some of the best motion talent available. We create visually exciting ways to help convey your messages while inspiring more customers to support your brand.

Video Ads

From big to small, explainer to full visual effects narrative, we cover the complete gamut of online video and animation production projects.

With access to some of the best talents in the industry, our crew works within the scope of your project to create an exciting solution that maximizes the quality and reach of all your video ads.


Great videos start with great ideas; and these ideas often involve scenarios that are beyond the capability of simple live action video. This is where animation really shines! Our team brings your vision to life in gloriously animated 2D or 3D.

We work hard so that your imagination can be limitless. Let your creativity flourish with Chosky Studios!


When running your business feels like running a race, we're here to help you WIN!

Video / Animation / Publicity

The Motion Mogul video and animation service was introduced in 2009, as a way to address the growing need of our clients who were looking for more effective ways to engage their audiences. Throughout the years we have consistently created online videos that invoked strong emotional responses, allowed people to quickly comprehend detailed information, and inspired a whole new generation of customers to support our clients’ brands.

Why Choose Us?


  • The Power of Storytelling: We craft narratives that engage your audience, making complex ideas understandable and forging an emotional connection with your brand.

  • Stand Out in a Crowded Market: In a world saturated with content, our animations are visually captivating, highly shareable, and help increase your brand memorability.

  • Versatility and Scalability: Whether you need a short explainer video, a social media ad, or a full product demo, we create animations that are as adaptable as your marketing needs.


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General Pricing for Advertising & Animation


Services start at

$ 699

Each service is customized to your exact needs.


Online Promotion, E-Commerce,
& Social Media Management

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